My Story

The first thing that you should know about me is that the two most important aspects of my life are my family and my team. Without them, I wouldn’t be the man or agent that I am. Even though these two things are my ultimate priorities, my path to this realization was not direct, and there were a lot of twists and turns for me to get to this point.

I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio, so I am a midwestern guy. My parents were the typical hard working, blue collar Ohioans. My Dad was in the construction industry, working in the mechanical trades. My Dad was such an influence on me that I followed in his footsteps into the skilled trades after I graduated high school. I became a welder and a pipefitter, and I experienced some success early in my career. Even though my life was full, it didn’t feel complete.

After going through the motions for a few years, a momentous event happened in my family. My younger brother moved to Georgia. Someone had left Ohio!  Everyone was shocked. I never thought it was possible. Because of this bold move, I began to consider my options on a grander scale, not just in relation to the small world that I had always known in my home state. A short time later, a close friend of mine moved to Southern California, then several more of my buddies followed him. I began to wonder if that would be the best path for me, as well.

My desire for a major change in my life and my interest in the West Coast became a reality when one of my friends called me and asked me to move his furniture from Ohio to La Jolla. I knew that was it! I was moving to San Diego! It was on! I packed up the moving truck and started for a new life across the country! As I made that drive, I will never forget not knowing where the road ahead was going to lead, but realizing that I was on to something, and I knew it was special. My life was finally becoming my own. I was on the path that I was meant to take!

Once I arrived in San Diego, I was in awe of the magnificence of the city. It was like a completely different world from Ohio. Even though I knew it was where I was supposed to be, my early days here were not easy. I immediately fell back to my skillsets, construction and personal training. Both fields were familiar to me, so I knew that I could depend on them to get by, but they still didn’t fit. I was so unsatisfied with these jobs, that I considered moving home at one point. I quickly learned that being in a new location was not enough, I had to completely reinvent myself professionally, as well.

While I was soul searching for a career change, lightning struck my personal life, when I least expected it. I had dated a bit since I had been in San Diego but found no one that I really wanted to spend my time with.  Then at the gym where I trained, I noticed a woman in passing, and electricity shot through me. I did not even see her face, but there was something about her that made me want to know more. I asked around the gym about this mystery woman, and one of my friends knew her. They asked if she would like to meet me, and she said yes!

As soon as I saw Lilia’s face and looked into her eyes, I knew that she was the huge missing piece in my life that I didn’t even realize existed. I had had a premonition about her several years before. I don’t know if it was a dream or a message from God, but I saw her face in my mind, and that image of beauty stuck with me until the very moment that I spoke to her. After our first conversation, I knew that I wanted to know her forever, and I knew that I would do anything to make that happen.  Leaving San Diego was no longer an option. I realized that I had found the place and woman of my dreams, I just had to figure out how to stay there.

My connection to Lilia turned out to be much more than the initial attraction. The more I got to know her and her own story, the more impressed I became, and that impressiveness turned into great respect. She had gone to law school in Mexico to represent and assist those who were less fortunate. She worked for the Mexican Attorney General and soon realized that the legal profession was more politics than service, so she walked away from a field that she had worked tirelessly for almost a decade to be a part of. I happened to meet her when she was on a month-long trip to visit her family in the States. So many stars aligned for us to just happen to connect during that brief window of time, I knew that she was it.  I asked her out and we dated for eleven months, then I asked her to marry me!

We were married in 2004 and went on to have three wonderful children together; two sons, Ryan Jr., who is ten, and David, who is eight, and a six-year-old daughter named Amor. We are an active family that enjoys all of the outdoors and athletic opportunities that San Diego has to offer. The kids are all involved in soccer, and we all participate in Tae Kwon Do as a family, with my sons and I achieving first degree blackbelts! I am so fortunate to continue my passion for an active lifestyle with my family, who are the center of my world!

After I met Lilia, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I found two of the major aspects of my life that had been missing, the person that I was meant to be with, and the city where I was meant to be. The last thing left was to find the perfect career that had eluded me for my entire life. During my search, I had a client at the gym who encouraged me to look into real estate. This person believed that I had the personality and drive to be a success in the field, and I heeded their advice. I looked into it and really liked what I saw, so I got my license in 2004 and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I had found the last piece in my puzzle of fulfillment!

When I finally found the right career for me, my wife became more than my partner in life, but also my partner in business, earning her own license and working beside me as a husband and wife team. When we started in this field there were mom and pop agencies everywhere. We did extremely well our first two years, then the economy started to slow down in 2006, and our sales decreased dramatically as a result. We were approached by an insurance company to sell for them, and we incorporated it into our business, which helped get us by for a while. Then the mortgage crisis hit. Bubbles burst. Agents left the field in droves. We had our first child in 2007. It was a scary time, and we struggled professionally and financially.  We didn’t know what we were going to do. Then in 2008, we started a loan modification consulting business to assist people with keeping their homes. Helping others helped us through the hard times. When the economy got back on track, we gradually returned to real estate, then in 2012 we jumped back in with both feet, and quickly regained the success we had before the recession.

For many years I was very satisfied personally and professionally. I had the job, the girl, and the kids in the greatest city in the world, but even though I didn’t realize it, there was still one piece missing; my team. In 2015, we saw a Tom Ferry presentation, and he emphasized that the future of real estate is about team production, not just individual agents or brokerages. That was an epiphany for us. We immediately set forth on building our own band of experts. A couple of weeks before the Ferry event we had brought on Michelle, our Executive Assistant, and she was already working wonders. Within days, I also hired Erica, Male, and Araceli, all through different connections and methods, but it turned out that they had all known each other since elementary school. Talk about fate! At that moment, we knew that it was meant to be! We had put together a group of people that was special, and it was going to lead to a whole new level of accomplishment and success!

Now that we have surrounded ourselves with the right team, we have a simple philosophy. Always exceed our customer’s expectations, in service, in quality, in communication, in everything! We believe that owning a home is the first and most important step to achieving the American Dream. It is not only the greatest investment that most people will ever make, it’s also where they will raise their families and live their lives. Entrusting us with making that happen is one of the supreme honors that someone can bestow on us, so we go the extra mile to make sure that it is the best decision that they ever make!

Lilia and I would love nothing more than to lend our knowledge and experience toward helping you with your real estate endeavors, but we don’t expect your business simply because of our relationship—we only ask that you take the time to interview us and see if we might be the best agents for you. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. When you or someone you know needs a real estate agent, we hope you give us the opportunity to demonstrate our services and interview for the job.


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